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Ježdění - Trénink Aj (Why not to break a horse during breaking?) 06. 06. 2012  ramozek (Helena Enenkelova)

and never ever later on.. :))

For sure you can break as much horses as strong you are and as experienced rider you are. Not as good rider you are. Good rider doesn´t break horses - if you break a horse you can get a relationship based on fear, but never on trust. Relationship based on trust brings relaxation and happiness to horse and back to his rider too.

The way is much more important than the result. Way of relax and lightness = way of waiting for a horse to offer you what you are asking for (a little bit) longer, but gain horses willingness to answer. Rather use 10 times negligible pressure with keeping horse relaxed (body and mind), than one big pressure that brings immediate result, but causes stress, stiffness and potential aversion.

If you are a friend of your horse, you may will be surprised how incredible and amazing horse you have, and moreover you will easily recognise if your horse feels well every moment.

Be patient, relaxed, open and always think how to get what you want keeping horse thinking he wants to do it himself. As Iris said to me: take it easy, don´t override, don´t overtry and LET IT FLOW :-)



08. 06. 2012 - 09:41 - Zorka (Zora Hořejšová)
Only your intonation was wrong:

HAPPINES, what IS happiness? (skara ten slovosled mi to znicil) FLY just gold:D
08. 06. 2012 - 09:04 - ramozek (Helena Enenkelova)
Happiness, what is happiness? Just a gold fly :D
08. 06. 2012 - 08:59 - Zorka (Zora Hořejšová)
I agree, but is he saying something about hen's happiness?:D

07. 06. 2012 - 21:28 - FAlča (Alena Makovičková)
to Zorka: (dogs are similar to people and horses are different)One czech dogtrainer says, if you can train (for example learn some tricks) hen. You are a good trainer. And I think that a hen isn´t similar to people or dog ;).
07. 06. 2012 - 19:04 - ramozek (Helena Enenkelova)
Come to see.
I am going to turn off, otherwise I will fail for sure :P
07. 06. 2012 - 18:58 - Zorka (Zora Hořejšová)
Your comment about motivation speaks for itself. Motivate horse with stopping the lesson? So horse does anything to stop the lesson? Do you understend your contradiction (this word i must to find out in a dictionary:D)?
07. 06. 2012 - 18:55 - ramozek (Helena Enenkelova)
If you want to read more, aboat motivation go on:

I really like this one too:
07. 06. 2012 - 18:46 - ramozek (Helena Enenkelova)
Without OOP? What about to go back ´´before science´´ to find lost principles of nature. Maybe more difficult, more incomprehensible, but still worthwhile, isnt it?
07. 06. 2012 - 18:42 - ramozek (Helena Enenkelova)
Dont think dogs are much more different than horses in some way, still they are herd animals, that really helps. Dogs only can express themselves in more familiar way to us. How I motivate my horse? By stop the lesson, jump off and go home, goodies, breaks, no press, rewards, understanding. It really works :) sometimes Ramozek is overtrying ;-) and thats the point - you have to recognise, when the horse is trying to understand and when he doesnt want to understand. When you arent sure, you must behave like he is trying :)
07. 06. 2012 - 18:40 - Zorka (Zora Hořejšová)
Yow, I forgot one developer's notice: You must override! There is no OOP without it and what whould we have done without OOP?:D
07. 06. 2012 - 18:29 - Zorka (Zora Hořejšová)
Oh dear, my english is horrible:D
07. 06. 2012 - 18:27 - Zorka (Zora Hořejšová)
And what you use to motivate your horse?
07. 06. 2012 - 18:26 - Zorka (Zora Hořejšová)
Dog is absolutely different animal and is much more similar to a human. The base of dressage is very unnatural and it's a question if a horse can get used to it in such a way, that he can feel something like happiness.

Does it take you so long to write one message too?:D
07. 06. 2012 - 18:24 - ramozek (Helena Enenkelova)
Exactly. It depends if you are able to find the right motivation in the specific case and how fast you need to gain the level - if you let it grow slowly or not. Thats what I was trying to write about :)
07. 06. 2012 - 18:15 - FAlča (Alena Makovičková)
Yes, you can. But it depends on the level that you want to reach and on the dog too.
07. 06. 2012 - 17:50 - ramozek (Helena Enenkelova)
Actually, I have a queastion too. Do you think you can train a happy dog?
07. 06. 2012 - 17:38 - ramozek (Helena Enenkelova)
Who knows. But for sure there might be a big recognisable difference in horses feeling :)
07. 06. 2012 - 15:38 - Zorka (Zora Hořejšová)
Is it really possible to do a dressage on happy horse? And I think real happiness.